Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love this blog: Tongue In Cheek

Corey Amaro has serious taste. I just found her blog and I love it. She's an American living in France with her French husband. Corey takes awesome photos of Paris flea markets, Provence interiors and other cool findings. I'd love to bring her along to haggle with antique dealers when they open their booths at sunrise ("bring a flashlight," she advises). And clearly, she's embraced her inner French girl and learned a few decor tricks. And she brings her own can-do American spirit to it by reupholstering with tablecloths, napkins and curtains. What do I love about these images? Maybe if I analyze, it will help. The detailed silver etchings. The low crystal chandelier. The stately oil paintings propped on a weathered wooden table. The lush upholstered armchair. Shiny (paint, crystals, silk fabric, windowpanes) juxtaposed against shabby (wood frames, unvarnished floors and furniture legs). (Photo by Corey Amaro)

Old silver -- I want to find some pretty serving pieces for my new home. (Photo by Corey Amaro)

This is Corey's home. She upholstered the chair with a tablecloth. (Photo by Corey Amaro)

I like the idea of an outdoor clock. Maybe in the backyard? The old bike is a cool sculptural element.
(Photo by Corey Amaro)

Paris bistro breakfast accessories: Low, thick juice glasses. Solid plates with a pretty striped rim.
Long, European-style sugar packets in a cute glass or ceramic bowl.
(Photo by Corey Amaro)

Love the crystal in front of the white mirror.
(Photo by Corey Amaro)

Cool bedding -- though may be too girlie for the husband. (Photo by Corey Amaro)

This could be cool in the backyard...though I'm not sure I
could pull it off. May be one of those "French things."
(Photo by Corey Amaro)

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